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Affordable Homes To Help Millennials and Gen Zs Own Their First Home

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

In recent years, the rising cost of homes has made it increasingly difficult for millennials and Gen Z to make their dreams of owning a home come true. However, two startups based in Las Vegas, Boxabl and Roots Homes, are working to change that by revolutionizing the home ownership process and making affordable homes more accessible for first-time home buyers who may be struggling to enter the market.

Founded in 2017, Boxabl is a modular home builder that aims to provide affordable, high-quality homes that can be easily transported and assembled on site.

Boxabl's homes are designed to be customizable and range in size from 375 to 750 square feet, making them ideal for young professionals or small families. The company's signature product is the "Casita", a modular home that can be assembled in a matter of hours.

In addition, the modular design of these homes makes them more adaptable to changing living situations. If a homeowner's needs change over time, they can easily add or remove modules to adjust the size and layout of their home without having to go through a lengthy and expensive renovation process.

Another startup based in Las Vegas, Roots Homes, is also making waves in the affordable housing market. Founded in 2019, the company is focused on building affordable, energy-efficient homes that are designed to meet the needs of modern home buyers.

Co-founders Lauren Self and Sam Barsness of Roots Homes

Roots Homes are built with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, which not only helps to reduce the environmental impact of home building but also lowers ongoing costs for homeowners. The company's homes come equipped with solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, and other features that make them more affordable to operate over the long term.

Both Boxabl and Roots Homes are working to address the affordability crisis in the housing market by creating homes that are accessible to younger buyers who may not have the resources to purchase a traditional home.

In conclusion, Boxabl and Roots Homes are two innovative startups based in Las Vegas that are helping to address the affordability crisis in the housing market. By offering affordable, energy-efficient homes that can be easily customized and transported, these companies are making it easier for millennials and Gen Z to realize their dreams of homeownership. As the housing market continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how these startups shape the future of home building and ownership in Las Vegas.


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