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Uniquely qualified to provide unparalleled customer service elevated by genuine concern, SierraLV brings together a rare

blend of talented, dedicated people, state-of-the-art technology, and old-fashioned values to offer an unprecedented array of real estate services.


Highlighted by personalized, face-to-face service our unified goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools that will help ensure your path to wealth accumulation through real estate investments. As your steward we bring our accumulated experience and time-proven methods to give you the attention and dedication that leads to success.

Our ultimate goal is to forge a long-term relationship with you as we learn about your unique needs and situation. As property managers we seek to find solutions while sustaining consistent communications between you and your tenant to ensure a positive and profitable experience for you, and a long retention rate among renters. Whether you are seeking investment or personal real estate purchases or have a property you would like a partner to preserve and manage for you, you can rest assured, we will always put your best interests first as we move towards a bright future.

paul pineda

Paul Pineda
Broker/Property Manager
License# B.1001606
PM Permit# PM.0165261

An innovator and visionary, Paul’s roots are deeply embedded in tradition and the old-fashioned values he was raised with. While embracing and utilizing the most advanced technology his beliefs were forged by parents who instilled principals such as a man’s word is his bond, and a handshake holds more meaning that a dozen legal documents.

His degree in Mechanical Engineering helped solidify an already keen mind focused on precision and accuracy while his naturally outgoing personality led him to a career that allows him to engage with a myriad of people every day. What friends and colleagues describe as Paul’s “aloha smile” is a reflection of the warmth and sincerity he brings to every encounter. Paul is a serious businessman who quickly becomes a friend to everyone he meets. Entrusting your most significant investment is no small thing, and partnering with Paul you can be confident his will be a fully-engaged stewardship, caring for and representing your property as though it were his own or that of his family.

Allyson ashihara

Born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, Allyson has always had a deep passion and driving desire to help others. She moved to the mainland (Las Vegas) nearly 20 years ago and got started in commercial real estate marketing. This eventually led to her interest in property management. With five years of commercial property management and leasing experience under her belt, she expanded into residential real estate. Discovering a new passion that perfectly aligned with her desire to help, Allyson became engrossed in this new facet of real estate helping numerous clients build wealth through investment properties. Her meticulous attention to detail and superior customer service effectively serves her clients as their property manager. Today, Allyson has developed a unique management style implementing relatively unknown practices that give her clients tremendous advantages in this ever-changing market.

Allyson Ashihara
Realtor/Property Manager
License# S.0173642.LLC
PM Permit# PM.0166264

Joy Takahashi

Joy Takahashi
Real Estate Agent
License# S.00200754

Joy Takahashi, a vital member of the SierraLV team, possesses a Can-Do attitude and a natural inclination for assisting others. Hailing from Honolulu, Hawaii, Joy's fascination with the real estate realm began during her youth.


Reflecting on her upbringing, Joy recounts, "My family consistently rented homes until my freshman year of college when we relocated to Las Vegas, and my parents acquired their first home. As renters, it seemed like we were always touring homes, and I eagerly collected all the sales materials, pretending to be their agent."


A proud graduate of UNLV with a BA in business and a licensed real estate agent, Joy is continually striving to learn. Drawing from her experience as a real estate apprentice in Hawaii, she has cultivated unparalleled customer service skills, earning her a reputation for embodying the special aloha spirit.


Whether she's navigating the office, engaging in fieldwork, or interacting with clients one-on-one, Joy's exceptional multitasking abilities set her apart.

Jeff Simmons

Jeff Simmons
Business Development &
Maintenance Director


With an extensive and impressive background that includes everything from graphic design to results-generating real estate marketing to unique web design, Jeff Simmons fills an eclectic place on the ever-growing SierraLV team.

Playing a vital and integral role in the Las Vegas real estate community since early 2005, Simmons has proven to be a marketing and business development genius, helping to expand companies such as CBRE, Prudential, and Sun Commercial real estate firms as well as creating an impressive catalog of marketing materials and a robust website for Cushman & Wakefield.


Simmons steps into his new role at SierraLV bringing this vast experience and helping to further launch company awareness throughout the city, state, and even the world. 

patrick pineda

Patrick Pineda
Marketing Manager

Patrick has over 20 years of experience in the creative marketing field. He was the lead corrugated package designer at KapStone Paper in Oakland, California where he designed packages for companies such as HP, Sterling Vineyards, Microsoft, Adidas, and Hasbro. After relocating to Vegas in 2000, his design career became more focused on trade shows and the entertainment industries, designing custom interactive exhibits and trade show displays for clients such as CES, SEMA, BF Goodrich, and Guess.  


After gaining additional skills in digital marketing, web development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and branding, he worked his way into freelancing for several marketing agencies and close colleagues. Patrick now lives in sunny San Diego where he is currently working on his first patent product and upcoming food & beverage brands that is anticipated to hit the retail space by early 2023. 

Susan Cushing

Susan Cushing
Copywriting, Features, Marketing & PR

Susan Cushing is a professional writer/marketing specialist whose articles appear in such

publications as: Attorney at Law, Business Professional, M.D. News, Independent Business Media, Nevada Business Journal, Gold Age Magazine, Spirit Airlines, Broker Agent Magazine, Real Estate Agent,Health and Fitness, Las Vegas Living, Student Life, and Educator’s Weekly. In addition, she was a contributing writer and editor of two best-selling industry books: The A to Z’s of Teaching Overseas and A+ Interviewing as well as a Young Adult novel, "Sketch" and coming soon novel, "Sketch" and coming soon novel, "The Adolescence of The Aardvarks."


After more than 20 years providing advertising and marketing leadership for such organizations as Hilton Hotels and Casinos, Mirage Hotel Casino, Caesar’s Palace, Golden Nugget, and other internationally recognized resorts, Susan was recruited to head up their U.S. offices for Global Services in Education, creating study plans and interactive programs for foreign students to prepare for the SAT exam.


Her extensive real estate experience includes serving as director of marketing for several national homebuilders including Richmond American, U.S. Homes and Pulte Homes.

Jenny Oher

Jenny Oher

An integral member of our accounting team, Jenny Oher radiates a bright, sunny personality that’s as welcoming as the Big Island of Hawaii where she was born and raised. Jenny may have left her tropical home to study accounting at UNLV, but she has remained true to the lessons and values she learned as a child.

“I grew up with traditional Hawaiian values,” says Jenny. “Embracing the practices learned from my ahupua’a (community) in order to malama (take care of) the land and the people who reside on it.”


Industrious and hardworking, Jenny is a dedicated financial sleuth, adhering to the best practices in every endeavor. 

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