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5 Tips To Finding A Great Nail Salon

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Getting your nails done should be an enjoyable, refreshing, and professional experience. Whether you want a clean and simple manicure or advanced nail treatment, Nest Nail Wellness Spa in Henderson, Nevada sets a prime example on what a great nail salon should encompass.

1. Professional Customer Service

Great quality nail salons always have a welcoming environment with well experienced staff members that should always make you feel at ease with their professional services. Since visits will most likely be bi-weekly or monthly, there should be a light sense of feeling at home. Your relationship with a chosen staff member or with the owner should naturally grow over time and by choosing the right nail salon, you'll always have a pleasant and beyond satisfied feeling before and after each visit.

2. Cleanliness

Cleanliness is one of the most important factors when looking for a new nail salon. It should be top priority for all nail salons and spas. Having a fully sanitized nail salon station is very important when dealing with tools and equipment that are in direct contact with your skin (ex. manicures and pedicures) If the particular items are not properly maintained and sanitized, you can run into the risk of contracting a bacterial or fungal infection since the equipment used also service other customers throughout the day.

Don't be afraid to ask you nail technician about their standard sanitation methods and practices...this is completely normal especially during an initial visit. A staff member or your nail technician should be happy to explain their sanitation process from beginning to end.

3. Experience & Quality

Some salons only offer the standard services such as manicures and pedicures, but the best nail salons go above and beyond and offer other quality products and services. Top luxury nail treatments are usually offered at reputable spas that offer a variety of services to pamper your additional needs. For example, Nest Nail Wellness Spa offers several Naturalize™ packages which include 100% vegan and cruelty free nail products. They also have a Deluxe mani and pedi option which include a hand massage, paraffin wax treatment and polish for that ultimate finish. If you want an additional feeling of feeling relaxed and refreshed, you can schedule a Well-Nested™ package which is fully personalized aromatherapy treatment that includes a sugar scrub, mask, massage oil, and custom lotion made in front of you with a selection of essential oils and organic herbs.

4. Reputation & Reviews

This is a good indicator of which nail salon choose but you should always keep in mind of what type of customer writes the reviews and actually read some of them to judge for yourself. Some customers may write dissatisfying reviews without even bringing up their issue at hand before leaving and some may think they can walk in with an entire party any given time of the day without scheduling an appointment. Most nail salon and spas will do whatever it takes to make sure their customers leave completely satisfied and happy. Each customer is unique, therefore feel free to ask questions or make suggestions. The right salon would be happy to hear them and maybe entertain them if it makes sense and is within their means.

5. Comfort

With everything mentioned above, an impressive nail salon should be properly sanitized and should give you a relaxing and welcoming feeling the second you walk through the doors. The room temperature should be comfortable for the most part with a light pleasing scent which indicate no harsh chemicals are filling the air. It should be well ventilated and the staff should be very attentive to your specific needs as you become a regular.


Nest Nail Wellness Spa

Manager and owner Julia Farinas of the Nest Nail Wellness Spa first opened her door in May of 2019. Throughout her young life, she enjoyed spending quality time at nail salons and spas with her mother. Those nostalgic and happy memories is what inspired her to open her own nail salon. She wants to offer that exact experience with others as she dedicates her services to everyone that walks through her doors.

Nest Nail Wellness Spa is located at:

10624 S. Eastern Ave

Suite F

Henderson, NV 89052

Ph: 702-260-9091


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