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The $1.9 Billion Dollar Sphere Is Inching Closer To It's Scheduled Completion Date

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

The next level venue space by Madison Square Garden Entertainment will be largest immersive dome at 516 feet wide by 366 feet tall. It will host 23 VIP suites and will seat up to 20,000 guests. If construction and everything keeps moving forward, the completed target year will still be set for 2023.

Construction delays were due to the COVID outbreak but now that everything is getting back to normal, the construction and engineering teams are working hard to hit their target date. The MSG sphere provides 4,300 construction jobs and an additional 3,200 jobs will be available when it opens next year.

Now imagine gazing up with your entire peripheral view filled with digital fireworks, stars, rockets, and anything you can imagine. This digital sphere will be the most immersive experience you will ever have in a stadium size venue. Concert and party goers will need to brace themselves for this!...This will be the ultimate colosseum of the future! I'm guessing there will be warning signs in regards to photosensitivity and probably not a recommended place to visit if you have any vertigo symptoms, epilepsy or any related conditions, but we won't know for sure till the multi-linked monitors are all powered up with the custom mapped vivid graphics and videos. Till then, get ready to plan your next trip or move to Vegas. After all, Vegas will continue to grow and remain the largest entertainment city in the United States filled with the best restaurants, nightclubs, shows, concerts, and venues!


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