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Fontainebleau in Las Vegas to open Late 2023!

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

What was once a futuristic dream over 15 years ago is said to be a reality late 2023. Fontainebleau which is just north of the strip, declared itself bankrupt back in 2009 after a bitter legal dispute with its bankers. The 3.9 billion dollar casino development halted construction work during the unforgettable 2007-2009 financial crisis. Since then, the Clark County commission performed their routine demands for cosmetic cover ups of the decaying 63 story building which has been 75% complete since it halted construction.

Haas Automation in Henderson Nevada
Fontainebleau Las Vegas

Created by Fontainebleau Development, in partnership with Koch Real Estate Investments, Fontainebleau Las Vegas is resurfacing it’s vision of embellishing it’s iconic brand which stems from the historic Fontainebleau monarch’s palace in France.

Fontainebleau Development has retained the acclaimed builder Richardson Construction to complete full construction and the company will announce the progress of the luxury tower and casino with it’s partners in the coming months.

"I would like to thank everyone from Fontainebleau for inviting me to participate in the long-awaited event for the Fontainebleau at the north end of the Las Vegas Strip! The revitalization of the north end of the Las Vegas Strip will not only help solidify our place as a global leader in hospitality and tourism, but this project will as well help Nevada create approximately 3,200 construction jobs and 6,000 permanent operation jobs." - Governor Steve Sisolak



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