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Disney Gaining More Interest In Las Vegas Hollywood Project

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Las Vegas, renowned for its vibrant entertainment and hospitality industry, is poised to take a leap into the world of filmmaking. In an exciting turn of events, Disney, one of the biggest players in the entertainment industry, has expressed keen interest in joining forces with Nevada lawmakers and actor Mark Wahlberg to transform Las Vegas into a new Hollywood hub. With its rich history of producing blockbuster films and captivating audiences worldwide, Disney's involvement in this ambitious project could bring immense opportunities and acclaim to the desert city.

rendition of Disney studios in Las Vegas

Recent reports from 8 News Now reveal that Disney has been closely monitoring the progress of Senate Bill 496 (FILM TAX CREDIT SB496), a legislative proposal aimed at incentivizing film production in Las Vegas. The bill would vastly expand the state’s existing film tax credit program. It involves two proposed film studios in the southwest part of the Las Vegas Valley — one backed by Summerlin-creator Howard Hughes Corp. and Sony Pictures Entertainment, the other by Birtcher Development and UNLV. Altogether the estimated cost to taxpayers is an unprecedented $4 billion over two decades. By collaborating with state lawmakers, Disney could lend its expertise, resources, and global reach to help establish Las Vegas as a prominent filmmaking destination. Such a partnership would not only elevate the project's credibility but also open doors for major film and television productions centered around the vibrant city.

Mark W and Disney

The collaboration between state lawmakers, Mark Wahlberg, and Disney could serve as a catalyst for attracting other industry giants and emerging talent to the area.

The film industry has a proven track record of generating significant revenue and creating a multitude of job opportunities. Disney's involvement could attract other major studios and production companies, further enhancing the economic benefits for the city and the state of Nevada. Increased tourism, a surge in hospitality demand, and the growth of related industries would contribute to the overall prosperity and diversification of the local economy.

Beyond the economic implications, the collaboration between Disney and Las Vegas has the potential to reshape the city's cultural landscape. While Las Vegas is renowned for its casinos and vibrant nightlife, the project aims to showcase the region's artistic potential and foster a creative community. Disney's expertise in storytelling and world-building could bring the magic of filmmaking to the desert city, creating a new identity centered around creativity and innovation. Las Vegas' iconic architecture, captivating desert landscapes, and electric atmosphere would offer a visually stunning backdrop for a diverse range of cinematic narratives, captivating audiences worldwide.

The project not only seeks to capitalize on Las Vegas' existing infrastructure but also aims to foster an environment that nurtures creativity, drives economic growth, and offers diverse job opportunities. With Disney's involvement, the prospects for producing major blockbuster films, captivating television series, and immersive theme park attractions in Las Vegas become even more promising as Las Vegas continues to boom in entertainment!


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