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Supersonic jet flights from London to Las Vegas in just 5 hours

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

American Airlines is purchasing 20 supersonic jet planes from jet manufacturer Boom Technology.

The Las Vegas housing market is not the only thing booming. Boom received their deposit for the 20 super sonic jet planes and American Airlines is expected to offer the super sonic flights by 2029.

Ever since the Concorde Jets were decommissioned back in 2003 after being in service for 27 years, nobody expected to see another high speed jet come back into the market anytime soon do to maintenance cost and other issues it has experienced. Now fast forward to 2022 with advance technology and aerodynamics, it was bound to happen sooner than later.

The new American Airlines supersonic jet will be capable of flying at mach 2.2 which is above 2 times the speed of sound and will be cruising at an altitude of 60,000 feet which should get you to or from Vegas in about 5 hours. Normally a flight like that would take 10 hours long with normal commercial passenger jets. Not everyone will have the opportunity to fly in the super sonic jet because of the hefty cost which will most likely be similar or more than the international business and first class tickets. The jets will also be limited to host only 65 to 88 passengers at a time.

On another good note, Boom claims that traveling at mach 1.7 will meet net zero carbon. To find out more about their net zero carbon goals and plans for future flight, visit their website here.


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