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Continuing Tony Hsieh's legacy with the new Historic Westside Library in Las Vegas

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

The Historic Westside in Las Vegas is about to receive a massive boost in its educational and cultural offerings with the introduction of a new library. This enormous new library is part of a major redevelopment plan that aims to revitalize the area and provide its residents with access to state-of-the-art facilities.

The new library plans were announced by the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District in collaboration with the City of Las Vegas and Councilman Cedric Crear, who represents the Historic Westside area. The library district and the city are jointly funding the project, which is expected to cost around $45 million.

The library, which is set to open in 2023, will be a sprawling 47,000 square foot facility that will be located on the corner of Lake Mead Boulevard and H Street. The building's design will be inspired by the surrounding desert landscape, and it will feature a large glass facade that offers stunning views of the nearby mountains.

One of the primary goals of the new library is to provide a safe and accessible space for the residents of the Historic Westside to learn and explore. The library will have a vast collection of books and resources, including new releases and classic literature, as well as specialized sections for children, teens, and adults.

The new library plans for the Historic Westside in Las Vegas represent a significant investment in education, culture, and community development with outreach and engagement programs. Designated spaces for group meetings, workshops, and events will be all available for the public. With its opening in 2023, the library is poised to become a hub of learning and exploration for residents of all ages in the Historic Westside and beyond.

In recent years, the urban development of Downtown Las Vegas has gained national attention due to the efforts of Tony Hsieh who passed away back in 2020 but left a great legacy behind. While Hsieh's efforts have undoubtedly transformed the area, they have also raised questions about the impact of gentrification on the local community.

Hsieh's vision for Downtown Las Vegas was centered on creating a vibrant, diverse, and livable urban core. His company, Zappos, relocated its headquarters to the area in 2013, and Hsieh invested millions of dollars in various urban development projects, including revitalizing old buildings, building parks and community spaces, and promoting small businesses.

Hsieh's investments in Downtown Las Vegas have undoubtedly transformed the area, attracting new residents, businesses, and tourists. However, the impact of gentrification on the local community has been a contentious issue. As the area becomes more desirable, property values have increased, and rents have gone up, making it difficult for long-time residents to afford to live in the area.

In response to these concerns, Hsieh and his team have taken steps to address gentrification and promote community development. For example, they have invested in affordable housing projects, created community outreach programs, and supported local small businesses. The Downtown Project has also been working to promote diversity and inclusivity, including supporting initiatives to increase representation and involvement of underrepresented groups in the community.

Moving forward, it will be essential for the community, developers, and policymakers to work together to address these challenges and promote sustainable and inclusive urban development. With the ongoing efforts of community leaders, North Las Vegas has the potential to continue to evolve and thrive while maintaining its unique character and serving the needs of all the locals and everyone who visits.


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