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The Cello Tower: A Sonic Masterpiece Takes Shape in Symphony Park

Cello Tower, a 32 story that features 240 luxurious residences, including one-bedroom, one-bedroom with den, two-bedroom, two-bedroom with den and penthouse offerings is currently under construction and the first phase is projected to open in the fourth quarter of 2026, with the entire project completed by the second quarter of 2027.

As you stroll through Symphony Park, nestled between the vibrant Arts District and the bustling North

Las Vegas Premium Outlets, you can't help but notice the buzz surrounding the latest addition to the neighborhood: The Cello Tower. This innovative, music-inspired structure is set to become a stunning centerpiece for the park, and we're excited to give you the scoop on what's in store.

Cello Lobby

The Cello Tower is more than just a striking piece of architecture – it's a symbol of community and cultural connection. The tower will feature a public plaza, perfect for outdoor concerts, performances, and events. Imagine sipping coffee on a warm morning, surrounded by the sweet sounds of a string quartet, or enjoying a picnic with friends while listening to a live jazz set. The Cello Tower will become a beloved gathering spot, fostering a sense of community and connection among locals and visitors alike.

Cello Patio Deck

The Cello Tower is also designed to be a hub for creativity and innovation. The structure will feature a rooftop garden, offering stunning views of the Las Vegas skyline, as well as a series of interactive sound installations. Visitors will be able to experiment with sound waves, creating their own unique compositions and melodies. This unique blend of art, music, and technology will make the Cello Tower a must-visit destination for anyone interested in the intersection of creativity and innovation.


The Cello Tower is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Symphony Park. As the tower takes shape, the surrounding area is transforming into a vibrant hub of activity, with new restaurants, shops, and entertainment options popping up left and right. Whether you're a music lover, a foodie, or simply looking for a unique experience, Symphony Park has something for everyone.

While the Cello Tower is still under construction, we can't wait to see the finished product. Stay tuned for updates on the grand opening date, and get ready to experience the magic of the Cello Tower for yourself. Whether you're a local or just visiting Las Vegas, this sonic masterpiece is sure to bring excitement to every resident and visitor.


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