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Formula 1 Las Vegas 2023 Is Right Around The Corner

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Las Vegas is the latest prospect for Formula 1. Sources say all of the excitement will happen on Thanksgiving Day 2023.

The exact terms of the negotiations between F1 and the city of Las Vegas have not yet been shared with the public. Sponsorship for the race has many company racing teams eager to make their offers. SBJ stated in January that the series is getting closer on a deal with entities in both Las Vegas and Nevada -- including the state, city and LVCVA -- to start a new nighttime street race on The Strip starting in ’23. An official announcement could come within a few weeks. F1 under Liberty Media has been pondering on the idea of grouping its schedule by regions to a better extent than it has in the past, so the race will likely slot in somewhere around the Austin and Mexico races. It is unclear where Vegas will fit into the schedule, but this year's schedule features four races in a five-week span starting with the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, Texas on Oct. 23. The race at Mexico City will happen on Oct. 30, 2022. Series and promoters usually try to keep consistent race dates every year to help make them traditions for fans. F1 will have three races in the U.S. in three different time zones (Miami, Indianapolis, Las Vegas) as it capitalizes on its growing momentum in the U.S. The series saw its second most-viewed race on cable for Sunday's season opener from Bahrain drawing 1.353 million viewers on ESPN. The race will be officially announced in the coming weeks.

Here's a look at the track which will give you a good idea of which hotels will provide the best views and which turns will have the most excitement.

There was briefly an F1 race in Las Vegas between October 1981 and October 1984 known as the Caesars Palace Grand Prix which was built in the parking lot of the Caesars Palace hotel. It was the fifteenth and final race of the 1981 FIA Formula One World Championship. Australian driver Alan Jones won the 75-lap race by driving a Williams-Ford, with Frenchman Alain Prostsecond in a Renault and Italian Bruno Giacomelli third in an Alfa Romeo.

F1 has been in negotiations with the city and Nevada officials for months with solid plans to hold the annual race in and around the Las Vegas Strip. Las Vegas recently added the Oakland Raiders and the Vegas Golden Knights to their entertainment arsenal. Formula 1 along with all the other sports and concert events will make Las Vegas the ultimate Entertainment Capital of the World.


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